20 Blogs about Wellness to make you healthy and happy

Health and wellness

has become a popular topic in the past few decades. From modern yoga courses to cool new diets, everybody appears to be on the search for the upcoming big thing. However, you don’t want a fancy exercise membership or a private chef to become healthy; occasionally the response are available using a simple click of your mouse.

Wellness sites are fantastic way to stay informed and be motivated when it comes to living a wholesome lifestyle. From fitness and nutrition to religious and psychological wellness, these sites are full of helpful tools to help enhance your wellbeing.

So to spare you some time, we identified 21 of their ideal wellness blogs the world wide web has to offer you. Bookmark this listing to keep them useful once you want them!

1. mindbodygreen

Having a vision to revitalize how people eat, live and move, mindbodygreen is about supplying sources for everything from nutrition and fitness to relationships and stress. This is the one-stop store for many things wellness and also you won’t get bored surfing the smart content, recipes, hints and tricks.

2. The Minimalists

Minimalism is not always about decluttering and removing. A simple change of mindset will immediately reveal that that minimalism really makes space for more on your life! More time, more liberty and much more space to concentrate on what is truly important for you. Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus began The Minimalists to assist others live purposeful lives with less substance and much more expansion and enthusiasm.

3. The Change Blog

Change is tough, but it is possible! The Change Blog is about enabling individuals to “find inspiration and practical information to create positive changes” The website packs a great number of stories, ideas and tips to create habits stick and encourage motivation and liberty.

4. The Wellness Wonderland

The Wellness Wonderland is chock full of videos, resources, recipes and much more to inspire you to change perceptions and drop old customs. The website also hosts her own podcast should you like listening to reading.

5. Sonima

Not only is this site superbly designed, but it also features a lot of resources and articles on yoga, food and mindful living. This is the go-to site for reducing strain in your body and mind and attaining health, in addition to physical and psychological liberty.

6. Alison Smith PhD

Dr. Alison Smith is devoted to helping others create well-informed decisions to advertise their own healthful lifestyles. After hammering Lyme Disease and quarrelling with Canadian caregivers over therapy options, she chose to take her health into her own hands. She started working with a Lyme literate physician in the USA and uses her website to broadcast ways it is possible to benefit your health with simple, at-home treatments.

7. Unstuck

Regardless of what’s holding you back, there is always a way to get unstuck! “I am over my mind,” “work sucks” or “I am unashamedly” are explanations debunked with this clever site. Stop by Unstuck and apply the program that will assist you determine why and how you are stuck and find out strategies to do it. This electronic trainer can allow you to optimize your potential one day at a time.

8. Q by Equinox

Crisp, beautiful design and a plethora of useful conversations on wellness and fitness are what you will find on this site. The people at Equinoxthink that your body is the greatest investment, which explains why they enjoy providing inspiration and information within an elevated method that will assist you get to your healthy living objectives.

9. Mentality WOD

Based on Mentality WOD, “your mindset consists of your ideas, feelings, attitudes and beliefs.” This site is about promoting healthful living by working through stress and anxiety, learning about the ideas keeping you back, and knowing and overcoming your fears and anxieties.

10. Yahoo Health

Having a multitude of articles on pretty much every topic regarding all measurements of wellness, Yahoo Health is the go-to site for a holistic perspective on healthful living. This site does not only stop with eating and physical fitness suggestions–they push posts on behavioural wellbeing, intellectual wellbeing and other intriguing topics.

11. The New York Times

Writers contribute to the site with a variety of posts on fascinating topics regarding healthful living. And “Putting Your Smartphone to a Breathalyzer” are only samplings of the insightful and interesting articles found on theNicely website. The site also features “Request” posts, which response medical questions submitted by the readers.

12. Decide on the Brain

With key words like motivation, productivity, health and self love, you can not fail with this site. Select the Brain requires a wider way than your basic “self-help” site and targets psychology and self-education, taking healthful living to another level.


BLISS is MODE’s blog and it is about forming a careful, balanced lifestyle, which comprises more than simply food and physical fitness. With topics ranging from feminism into New Year’s resolutions to organic skincare, you will not be left searching for more hints and tricks.

14. Life by DailyBurn

Have a look at the Lifestyle site by DailyBurn should you would like a hearty dose of recipes, articles on equipment and gadgets for healthy living and lifestyle suggestions on everything from sleeping to psychological wellness. Overwhelmed by shift? This site is ideal if you are seeking to make small, incremental adjustments to boost your wellbeing.

15. Everyday Health

There is a department that covers all kinds of ailments and symptoms one may have. However, the fun does not stop there. There are loads of articles covering psychological and emotional health too. There is even an whole section dedicated to senior wellness.

16. Greatist

With posts about playground workouts and the sum of toothpaste you are using, you will discover a little bit of everything on this website. You are always going to be participated, learning things you never knew you had to know!

17. Well+Great

They started the business for a premiere lifestyle and information book dedicated to the health scene. The site keeps up with fad spotting on the wholesome living beat when reporting on contemporary nutrition, organic beauty, boutique gym and much more.

18. Wellness Today

Have a look at articles written in house in addition to handpicked, credible content from throughout the net. This business is considering big and functions to promote international wellness and also a change in community through thoughtful dialogue.

19. Nutrition Stripped

After migraines and lethargy directed her into stone base, dietician and nurse McKel finally discovered her calling: the area of nutrition. She started Nutrition Strippedfor a means to encourage viewers to experience their own bodies as they were supposed to function. She does so through lifestyle articles, interviews, recipes and other useful resources.


20. Healthy living by HuffPost

You have surely heard of this Huffington Post and their Healthy Living Website is Guaranteed to live up to its title. Not only do posts cover tips and techniques for your own health and wellbeing in all regions, but they also provide useful tips about the best way best to aid family and friends in achieving a wholesome lifestyle. If you’re searching for a somewhat more political or intellectual spin on health topics, this really is the go-to site.

Prepared to inspire wholesome living?

With this record of health sites, you are now well-equipped to elevate your healthful lifestyle to another level. Perhaps you will look at learning more about ways to expand your reach and encourage these projects in your community. Check out this Guide to find out more: What’s it Really Like Being a Community Health Worker?

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