Seated massage and how it can help you

Hunched in the front of a PC but brief time?

Ever increasing workloads means lots people sit for extended periods at desks with minimal time to get a rest. But this implies that our posture is affected, possibly causing pain and upsetting attention.

Massage advantages

That is why OREASE massage service can provide a seated massage support. A therapist may come into your office and supply 15-minute sessions for employees to help alleviate back, shoulder and neck strain.

A seated massage occurs on a particular chair that you sit back on, resting your torso on the back of the seat, head forward on the headrest, with arms resting front, legs tucked behind onto the rests beneath. This massage is performed together with your clothing on, so it is quick and convenient if you are short on time.

The therapist can work in your shoulders, gradually squeezing and massaging the shoulder muscles, before running every shoulder to the back and arm up towards the throat.

For your neck, neck are employed in a circular movement to use gentle pressure up the rear of neck on both sides of the backbone. ‘Common places for tight muscles contain the cover of the neck, just under the hairline, thus a therapist must pay special attention’.

‘I would also put my palms on troublesome regions of the trunk and lean to them, to include pressure.’

Besides physical advantages, study has discovered seated massage is most effective for reducing anxiety, also. So why don’t you give it a try? It might be the ideal lunch break you have ever spent.

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