The Way to Make a Positive Culture in Your Business

Employee Appreciation Day is an yearly holiday which induces companies across the property to do things to demonstrate they value their workers. Obviously, this is a great idea — each office should observe Employee Appreciation Day.
However, what’s an even better idea is to be sure worker appreciation does not only last one day of this year. Should you appreciate your partner one day of the year? Rhetorical question.) It behooves all companies to create a positive culture of appreciation in the workplace — which may have wonderful effects on the workplace all through the year.

How do you create a culture of admiration in your company?

Listen to employees about what perks they need
There’s frequently a mismatch between what employers offer and what workers actually want. An anonymous employee survey is a fast way to spend the pulse of the provider.

Take employee schedules into account

Many workers would really like to celebrate with their coworkers — but may have after-work commitments and/or weekend commitments that cause them to overlook day trips into the bowling alley or weekend retreats. Make certain all your employees are taken into account when planning events. Including your remote employees — be sure they are involved in business activities too.

Build trust with employees to build a positive culture

Trust and transparency aren’t just business problems — they are health problems as well. A lack of trust increases strain and reduces collaboration. According to one study, only 19 percent of millennials say that the majority of people could be trusted. To build trust with your employees, you have to build a good relationship. Make sure they know the reasons for actions the business takes. Involve employees in decisions that directly affect them. Show that you are paying attention to their achievements, and directly thank and praise them if praise is due.

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