Selecting Massage Techniques Your Best Care Strategy

Selecting Massage Techniques Your Best Care Strategy So you are ready to Choose Massage Techniques Great! But you may be confused by the many types of massages available through the OREASE program. Here’s a quick primer on how to select your best massage therapy, along with more resources to find out more about massage. Swedish massage What it’s good for: Anxiety, headaches, immune system A Swedish massage is one of the most relaxing massages you can get. It is a full-body massage focused on easing aches, relieving overall tension, and boosting circulation in the body. When you are cranky, tired, tired, worried about getting ill, or just need a feel-good massage, then elect for a Swedish massage in the OREASE program. Deep tissue What it’s good for: Abdominal muscle soreness, such as back pain and neck pain That is where a profound tissue out of massage comes in. Licensed massage therapists will carefully work deeper muscles and connective tissue layers to split up knots and release tense locations. Deep tissue massage is the not-so-secret weapon against back pain, neck pain, and specific painful conditions, like tennis elbow. If you are hurting, you don’t want to move — that is the reason why a mobile massage out of OREASE is the right move. Sports massage What it’s good for: preventing injury, recovery, increasing physical flexibility Sports massage is the ideal massage therapy for you whenever you want your joints and muscles to work better. A sports massage will typically focus on body areas under the most anxiety, whether that is from injury, frequent workouts, or just stiffness. Make sure that you go over your particular requirements with your massage therapist. Obviously, every treatment you reserve on the massage program from OREASE is personalized — and this is particularly true with a … Read more

9 things you need to do for the health of your employees to be effective.

9 things you need to do for the health of your employees to be effective. Everyone needs a happy and productive work force. However, like anything worth having, you will have to work and plan to optimize employee wellness — and reduce worker sick days and absenteeism, while improving productivity on the job. Luckily, companies are more concentrated on regular wellness than ever before. As per a current study, 69% of employers with more than 50 employees offer you some sort of office health program. In addition, you’ve got lots of selections to choose from. But why choose? Listed below are 9 things that you have to do to make sure a well work force in 2018. Volunteering does not only make people feel good, making them feel healthier. Volunteering has lots of mental advantages, like decreasing depression and enhancing social bonds. Now, it appears that volunteer work has physiological benefits as well, like reducing tension and reducing blood pressure. Benefit from the bonding facets of volunteering by organizing an office volunteering day. Or provide workers a certain amount of time every year to pursue their particular volunteer objectives. Sleep space Sleeping on the job is not a terrible thing. Americans are extremely sleep-deprived, a situation that has significant ramifications for the productivity and health. Tired employees are far more prone to anxiety and depression. They’re also more inclined to make mistakes and also to drop interest in work. The alternative? Naps. A brief nap on the job can recharge creativity and mood. If you’re not comfortable having workers sleep at their desks, think about a rest pod or just a quiet conference room. Businesses that promote workday naps include JetBlue, Zappos, along with the Huffington Post. Status desks Sitting all day is quite bad for health. Prolonged (over 8 … Read more

Do you know that Massage therapy can help you lose weight.

We’re guessing that if you’re a OREASE enthusiast, you may already have an idea of how massage therapy can improve your life. But while you are probably aware of how massage can alleviate back pain and help you unwind, you might not not understand each of the many health benefits of massage. In honor of Massage Therapy Awareness Week, be aware of those five unusual massage benefits (plus one bonus fact). Did you know that… 1 Massage therapy can help you eliminate weight? It is accurate — massage is demonstrated to reduce cortisol levels within the body. 2 Massage can help you cope with sciatica? In case you haven’t experienced sciatica symptoms, consider yourself blessed. Fortunately, massage can help decrease pain from sciatica. 3 Massage can treat tinnitus? If you frequently experience a ringing or buzzing in your ears, then you may have tinnitus. Massage can be a quite effective tinnitus remedy, assisting reduce the noisy and annoying signs of tinnitus. 4 Massage can help you bond with a spouse? Pressing on sore muscles induces the body to release hormones associated with bonding and happiness, such as oxytocin and dopamine. When you get a couples massage, love is literally in the atmosphere, thanks to the discharge of these hormones that are beneficial. 5 Massage makes it possible to turn your home into a personal escape? A massage table (included with your yearly OREASE membership) is the ideal centerpiece for a relaxation-ready massage sanctuary. Add natural light and the ideal aromas for absolute at-home massage bliss. Obviously, it wouldn’t be National Massage Therapy Awareness Week without appreciate the hard work which makes great massage treatment possible — the licensing and education of massage therapists. It requires a minimum of 500 hands-on hours to become a licensed massage therapist in a licensed … Read more

Massage to Enhance your mood and Conquer anxiety

Massage to Enhance your mood and Conquer anxiety How to relieve anxiety Anxiety is a term that encompasses several feelings, including worry, fear and unease. We all feel anxiety to varying degrees at times in our lives; before a job interview, when a loved one is sick, or during transitional moments, such as graduations or moving home. In these situations, feelings of anxiety are completely normal. However, if you find it difficult to control your feelings of anxiety, you may be feeling restless, or have trouble concentrating or sleeping, it can be as a result of not having an obvious source and you may struggle to remember the last time you really felt relaxed. Anxiety is also a symptom for a number of conditions, including panic disorders, phobias, PTSD and social anxiety disorders and GAD. Physical side effects of anxiety may also include heart palpitations and dizziness. Although it is possible in some cases to medicate for anxiety, there are many holistic therapies that may provide relief. These include meditation, mindfulness, aromatherapy, frequent exercise and massage. Can acupuncture and acupressure treat depression? A recent study found that acupuncture may be as effective as antidepressants in managing the symptoms of depression, as well as helping to reduce the side effects of medication. Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical technique that aims to ease the journey of energy around the body by releasing energetic blockages. It uses fine needles to access specific energy points across the body. Physically, it also targets the nervous and muscular systems, and can alleviate tight knots by bringing a rush of blood and oxygen to the area. Acupressure is a non-invasive therapy that uses pressure instead of needles on the same energetic meridians. Many types of massage target these pressure points, including a Deep Tissue Massage. If … Read more

Adding Foot Reflexology for Your Massage for health

Foot Reflexology is the science and art of applying pressure to the feet (and sometimes the hands and ears) to influence other areas of the body. There are “reflex points” on your feet that correspond to every organ, structure, joint, and muscle in the body. The “artwork” is the professional’s expertise and instinct in balancing contributing factors involved in certain issues, such as working on the digestive system to reduce or remove headaches. Reflexology is doing something right — it has been practiced for over 4,000 decades. What’s reflexology so useful? A good foot reflexology session frees you, improves your mood, restores your reservations, and helps you break. It is essential for massage therapists to use different techniques and strokes during your massage because they work on muscles, joints, and fascia since our nervous systems can prevent “paying attention” to persistent input. Adding foot reflexology to your own massage causes your nervous system to create new pathways to process different touch stimuli in a positive way. Talking of your nervous system, it has only two speeds: sympathetic (stress) and parasympathetic (comfort). While massage is generally used to put us in the relax/restore mode, some intense forms of massage — such as sports massage or deep tissue massage — can trigger the anxiety mode. Adding reflexology help counteract the strain and might lessen post-massage discomfort. Foot reflexology can enhance creativity and mental focus. Reflexology can quickly set your nervous system (and mind waves) into the alpha state. Sometimes called “the zone,” this state of awareness is the consequence of slower brain waves and is related to powerful mental insights, connections, creative ideas, and problem-solving. Feet reflect the entire body. Picture your two toes together, taking a look at the soles. The feet are the head, the widest part of the toes … Read more

4 Ways Massage Can Reduce Your Neck Pain

Massage therapy is a proven way to improve various kinds of neck and shoulder pain, and is frequently one of the initial treatments people think of when they experience severe neck pain. They’re smart to seek out massage since massage actually can get rid of neck pain. In fact, almost 1 in every 5 sessions of massage in the US are booked so as to solve neck-pain symptoms. Listed below are a few ways that massage can help your particular assortment of neck pain. If you are reserving a massage to alleviate neck pain on your OREASE massage program, please make certain that you indicate that you are looking for a massage to deal with neck issues. You may select either a Swedish massage or deep tissue massage in this case. 1. Frozen massage and neck Therapy While a stiff neck may be nuisance, it usually is not a cause for panic. If the stiffness gets more extreme, but it may lead to a feeling of the neck being “frozen” in place, restricting motion and considerably affecting your wellbeing. Massage is proven to improve both neck mobility and reduce neck pain. 2. Massage for pinched nerves in the throat Pinched nerves are typically brought on by pressure placed on the guts by joints, muscles, or other structures. Muscle strain and inflammation may be the source of the pressure. Nerve impingement in either the brachial plexus — located in the shoulder or disk herniation in the cervical spine can both result in nerve pain in both the neck and shoulder. Massage therapy can be a great choice for relieving that inflammation, and thus reducing nerve pain and stress 3. Heal for pinched nerve in the shoulder Various studies have shown that massage has a positive effect in reducing chronic shoulder pain. … Read more

Stress relief with mind massage in back, neck and shoulders.

Stress relief with mind massage in back, neck and shoulders. What is Indian Head Massage? Indian Head Massage is a traditional treatment dating back thousands of years, which aims the head, shoulders, neck and at times facial muscles. Since it can be gotten fully clothed, it is an great first time or brief treatment. Usually sessions will run from 10 minutes — 1 hour on a specialist massage chair, or just seated as normal. When preparing for the first thoughts massage, make sure you wear loose clothes. This is so that you do not feel restricted and your therapist can access your shoulders and neck. Additionally, it is a good idea to bring hair bands or clips for afterwards. Despite the fact that this treatment is excellent for your hair, it might leave you really looking a bit wild! What are the potential advantages of mind massage? Despite focusing on only one part, you can feel the tingling effects of this sort of massage throughout your entire body. It can be a relaxing and even religious encounter, since it realigns the equilibrium of energy between your “chakras”. Reduce strain in your neck, back and shoulders Boost your pores to encourage hair growth Improve your quality of sleep Manage headache symptoms Boost concentration Your therapist may generally use fragrant oils throughout your treatment, which may also have a relaxing and calming effect, in addition to moisturising your hair and skin. Spearmint, Lavender and Eucalyptus oils are somewhat typical, as they may help to clean your nostrils and provide relief from discomfort. Make certain to speak with your therapist why you are having a massage, so that they can focus their attention on a specific area. They may also be able to inform you where they can feel the maximum tension, which … Read more

Creative Company Retreat Ideas to Boost Employee Wellness

Company retreats are out-of-office group adventures meant to foster teamwork, camaraderie, along with a renewed sense of purpose. While they generally feature workshops, brainstorming, and planning, company retreats also often include non-work pursuits. When planning a company retreat, make sure to include actions that boost both bodily and psychological wellness. Get peace of mind with group meditation Meditation is a inherently personal encounter, as you quiet the mind to locate calm from within. The inner peace fostered by a fantastic meditation session is amplified when you learn to meditate alongside your coworkers. Group meditation enhances spiritual development and is a excellent way to contact teammates. Introduce meditation to a team at a retreat centre with a mediation training, or work with a specialist to lead your group in guided meditation. You can even opt for a DIY meditation program, such as Headspace. Practice yoga together as a team Nothing attracts a team together like cat-cow presents. Yoga in a business retreat brings your whole staff to their mats to work on health side by side. Go for an instructor accustomed to working with individuals with varying degrees of yoga ability so every single office yogi can proceed at their own pace. Giving employees the opportunity to concentrate on both physical and mental health in tandem and as a staff is a great supportive way to concentrate on health. Ease tension and enhance energy with seat massage Chair massage focuses on all sorts of health by benefiting the physical, mental, and psychological facets of employee health. Massage therapists work on the throat, back, and arms to decrease pain and tension that’s built up in the muscles in long desk hours along with the usual stress of office life. In addition to physical benefits like increased circulation and lower blood pressure, seat … Read more

Attempt a Shoulder Massage Using All These at-home Methods

Attempt a Shoulder Massage Using All These at-home Methods Many types of massage will devote some time on the backbone, but if you’re dealing with a stiff neck, bad posture or frequent headaches, you might wish to consider finding a treatment that actually specializes in this area. This sort of massage can be performed either seated upright or lying on a massage table, and also will involve massaging your back, shoulders, neck and maybe even head. The shoulders and neck are usually the first place that office employees or people who spend their days seated on a computer begin to feel strain. If your shoulders are too tight, you may experience limited mobility after turning your head from side to side, consuming occasional or daily headaches, and find that particular sleeping places really are uncomfortable. In addition, you might also simply be able to understand your shoulders are increased or hunched, rather than back and relaxed. They’re similar to a spasm that has been unable to release. Heal is one of the very best methods to provide some relief from knots, as it attracts blood, oxygen and nutrients into the region, in addition to helping any lactic acid or additional toxins to drain away. This permits the fibers to separate and the muscle to come back to complete health. Tight shoulder muscles can be due to any kind of repetitive overuse, from lifting in the gym to regular misalignment. When you are treating tense shoulders, it is important to accompany your massage therapy with mild exercise and other de-stressing steps, such as meditation or deep breathing. Benefits of a Shoulder Massage There are many potential benefits to a shoulder rub, Which Might include: A sense of calm Increased mobility Better sleep quality Reduced pain from the neck and shoulders Improved … Read more

New Suggestions for Worker Appreciation and Wellness

New Suggestions for Worker Appreciation and Wellness There is no denying that worker wellness programs are a blessing for both company and employee. As a research conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) found , these initiatives can lower healthcare costs by 26% and absenteeism by 27%. Here are 10 ways any firm can bring employee health to the office, regardless of size and base line. 1. Host periodic “theme” days Issue days are excellent because they permit the office to flake out. It is irrelevant if it’s the business chooses for Hawaiian top Fridays or even the strange Jurassic Park Tuesday (hey — it might be a thing). After all, these occasions encourage bonding, help build camaraderie and raise morale for an affordable cost. (How much do Hawaiian shirts cost, anyway?) 2. Permit flexible work programs A welcome benefit, flexible programs allow individuals to own service over their time. In turn, this contributes to a much healthier work-life balance. Employees are able to split out their day (or week) as they see fit. This ensures they can often their professional and individual needs without impacting the corporation’s bottom line. 3.Add some matches into the employee lounge Even the most dedicated worker needs the occasional rest. And gambling is a excellent method to decrease stress, recharge and subtract. Companies can set up a couple of arcade games, purchase a ping pong table or simply maintain some board games on hand. Employers are recognizing that games are not just entertaining — matches improve morale and creativity at work. 4. Bring a yoga teacher to the office A growing number of organizations are incorporating yoga classes in their job week/month. Yoga promotes employee wellness in general. Especially, it will help to improve flexibility and enhance cardiovascular health. Yoga also reduces chronic pain … Read more