Selecting Massage Techniques Your Best Care Strategy

Selecting Massage Techniques Your Best Care Strategy

So you are ready to Choose Massage Techniques

Great! But you may be confused by the many types of massages available through the OREASE program. Here’s a quick primer on how to select your best massage therapy, along with more resources to find out more about massage.

Swedish massage

What it’s good for: Anxiety, headaches, immune system

A Swedish massage is one of the most relaxing massages you can get. It is a full-body massage focused on easing aches, relieving overall tension, and boosting circulation in the body. When you are cranky, tired, tired, worried about getting ill, or just need a feel-good massage, then elect for a Swedish massage in the OREASE program.

Deep tissue

What it’s good for: Abdominal muscle soreness, such as back pain and neck pain

That is where a profound tissue out of massage comes in. Licensed massage therapists will carefully work deeper muscles and connective tissue layers to split up knots and release tense locations. Deep tissue massage is the not-so-secret weapon against back pain, neck pain, and specific painful conditions, like tennis elbow. If you are hurting, you don’t want to move — that is the reason why a mobile massage out of OREASE is the right move.

Sports massage

What it’s good for: preventing injury, recovery, increasing physical flexibility

Sports massage is the ideal massage therapy for you whenever you want your joints and muscles to work better. A sports massage will typically focus on body areas under the most anxiety, whether that is from injury, frequent workouts, or just stiffness. Make sure that you go over your particular requirements with your massage therapist. Obviously, every treatment you reserve on the massage program from OREASE is personalized — and this is particularly true with a sports massage. Let the therapist know if you’re a runner, tennis player, or skier for example.

Prenatal massage

What it’s good for: Relieving pregnancy discomfort

A prenatal massage also referred to as a pregnancy massage, is designed to alleviate this discomfort. Keep in mind that the value of a massage doesn’t vanish after the baby is born — postnatal massages will help accelerate along recovery throughout the “fourth trimester”

Sleep massage

What it is good for: Resetting your sleep clock, getting better-quality sleep

Americans are sleep-deprived as a guideline — which is not a fantastic thing, because sleep is essential to physical and mental health. The sleep massage from OREASE is designed to promote a deeper, more restful sleep, which can be useful if you are one of those 40 percent of Americans afflicted by a lack of sleep, or perhaps a traveler with difficulty resetting your sleep cycle. (Find out how much you understand about obtaining a good night of rest within our sleep quiz.)

#Selecting Massage Techniques Your Best Care Strategy

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