Massage… does it hurt?

Everybody knows that visiting a massage therapist to get a body massage or having a massage in your home feels fantastic and does you great,

but if it needs to  hurt to become effective?

Once it is dependent upon the kind of massage, typically, it is because the body responds with two answers — that the relaxation response and also the mechanical reaction. The physical manipulation of the muscles generates the mechanical reaction. You will see a rise in lymph and blood flow and the comfort of soft tissue, which subsequently releases nerves and deeper connective tissues.

‘It is paramount that the therapist has to understand a customer’s pain tolerance and just how heavy a pressure they’re familiar with,’ says OREASE’s therapist.

Various muscles within the body will require a more challenging stress than others.

For instance, the spine will require a rather firm pressure but the exact same pressure put on the thighs might be more debilitating. ‘Massage could be tender within tight regions of muscle since the muscle fibers have become tight and trigger points (knots) in the muscles may cause referred pain down the guts pathway, however a massage therapist may understand their body so pressure is not implemented over fragile structures and fascia and muscle only.’ says our therapist. ‘Many people today report that the pain is a great pain since the tension discharge can feel relieving whether it has been building up for a time.’

If it comes to pleasure-pain equilibrium, there’s definitely a ‘poor’ pain.

‘You shouldn’t accept pain or distress if you are not getting a muscle relief out of it,’

says our therapist. ‘There shouldn’t be any burning, sharp or hot pain. The therapist may utilize a pain score from 10 together with the customer so pain could be tracked and progress readily reported.’ Do not feel bad — your specialist WANTS to know exactly what you would like, and enjoy. ‘You are never offending us’ our therapist adds.

With every regular session, the therapist can go deeper as you’re accustomed to the senses and the muscles begin to relax. Therefore, if you are wincing at the merest touch, in a couple of sessions that your muscles will probably be relaxed, you will be bothered, and some pain you have experienced over the course of a massage will probably have drifted off.

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