9 things you need to do for the health of your employees to be effective.

9 things you need to do for the health of your employees to be effective.

Everyone needs a happy and productive work force. However, like anything worth having, you will have to work and plan to optimize employee wellness — and reduce worker sick days and absenteeism, while improving productivity on the job.
Luckily, companies are more concentrated on regular wellness than ever before. As per a current study, 69% of employers with more than 50 employees offer you some sort of office health program. In addition, you’ve got lots of selections to choose from. But why choose? Listed below are 9 things that you have to do to make sure a well work force in 2018.


does not only make people feel good, making them feel healthier. Volunteering has lots of mental advantages, like decreasing depression and enhancing social bonds. Now, it appears that volunteer work has physiological benefits as well, like reducing tension and reducing blood pressure.
Benefit from the bonding facets of volunteering by organizing an office volunteering day. Or provide workers a certain amount of time every year to pursue their particular volunteer objectives.

Sleep space

Sleeping on the job is not a terrible thing. Americans are extremely sleep-deprived, a situation that has significant ramifications for the productivity and health. Tired employees are far more prone to anxiety and depression. They’re also more inclined to make mistakes and also to drop interest in work.
The alternative? Naps. A brief nap on the job can recharge creativity and mood. If you’re not comfortable having workers sleep at their desks, think about a rest pod or just a quiet conference room. Businesses that promote workday naps include JetBlue, Zappos, along with the Huffington Post.

Status desks

Sitting all day is quite bad for health. Prolonged (over 8 hours) of sitting may cause neck and back pain, and increase the probability of contracting diabetes. 1 simple solution would be to offer all your workers standing desks. Standing desk technologies has come a very long way — many office standing desks now offer the ability between sitting and standing positions.
In case you do offer standing desks, be sure that you also ensure workers have comfortable mats to


Massage in the office is a fast track to employee wellness. Only ten minutes of office massage, whether that is seat massage or clothed table massage, results in reduced back pain, less strain and anxiety, and improved mood.
It is easy to prepare massage at work, regardless of where your workplace or office is located — just see

OREASE for Corporate Wellness.

Healthy bites

Everyone enjoys food at the office — but a continuous diet of donuts and beer isn’t the way to enhance employee wellbeing. Luckily, there are options you’ll be able to bring into the workplace which are both tasty and wellness-friendly. Bring a fruit bowl instead of bagels, or switch into assortments of snacks that are unsalted, like those offered by Graze.


Mindfulness could be the term of 2018. Taking a couple of minutes to attune to what’s occurring at this time, rather than what is happening next week on your calendar or on Slack, helps individuals reap mental health benefits. Mindfulness reduces anxiety, increases concentrate, and can make coworkers nicer. Mindfulness is typically first obtained via meditation. Put aside a meditation space (which may double with your nap room), or subscribe to your employees for meditation apps like Headspace.

Shower at Work

If you would like to improve worker fitness, make it easier for them to work out at lunch time or run into the office. Providing access to your shower, possibly at the workplace itself or in a nearby fitness center, means that employees can integrate a workout routine with their day to day job.

Bike racks

Another means to ensure your employees have the ability to incorporate exercise into their workday is to offer bike racks in the workplace, or other safe bike storage. (Shower access combines well with biking!) If you’re very serious, it is possible to even offer a bicycle subsidy, just like you might subsidize public transport, or provide a parking lot for automobiles.

Health honest

A health fair is a terrific way to get your employees to consider fitness and wellness. Health fairs typically engage workers with medical screenings, wellness activities like massage and yoga, and specials from local, wellness-friendly vendors. If you are thinking about a health fair at work, it is never too soon to start planning.

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