Four Strategies to Make the Case for Chair Massage in the Workplace

Desire massage in the workplace? Most importantly, yes — but you are going to need to convince your supervisor or HR Supervisor. Here are some methods you could present your case for chair massage in the workplace to the Powers That Be. Chair massage is far from a fringe benefit — it is an integral component of corporate health, and helps build a wholesome work culture.

So how do you create the case for OREASE chair massage at your office? Try out these four factors, and soon that massage seat (and OREASE Massage Therapist) will make a triumphant appearance at your office.

Chair massage is healthy

Massage is one of those infrequent remedies that feels good and is good for you. A short chair massage in the workplace can boost immunity and ease the aches and pains that have sitting all day long.

Chair massage is cost-efficient

A seat massage using OREASE is affordable — plus, our OREASE Massage Therapists are seasoned, vetted and licensed. They bring the massage chair or, if you want, a massage table for clothed table massage. It’s time-efficient too; you can experience the benefits of chair massage in just 10 to 15 minutes, versus obtaining a whole 60- to 90-minute table massage.

Chair massage enhances productivity

Massage pumps the levels of serotonin, the “happy hormone,” causing a feeling of well-being and reducing stress. Reduced pain and stress + improved morale = happier, healthier, more productive employees.

Bosses often think of happy hours as a company reward and a fantastic team morale increase. While they can certainly be fun, they can also lead to unfortunate inter-company HR incidents in addition to late begins at work the next day (notice: productivity). With chair massages at the workplace, workers will simply be drunk on happiness and high on life.

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