There Is nothing Greater than a Complete body massage

There Is nothing Greater than a Complete body massage

What is a Full Body Massage?
Depending on your needs, comfort level and time constraints, you can find massages that focus on any number of individual body parts. Although there are benefits to a seated (and fully clothed) chair massage, hand and foot reflexology, or even a head massage, nothing quite beats a full body treatment.

In this type of treatment, you’ll typically get undressed and lie on a specially padded massage table. Over the course of 30 minutes – 2 hours, one or multiple therapists will loosen your limbs, knead into tight spots and leave you feeling elongated and relaxed.

Benefits of Full Body massage
Massage is one of the oldest complementary therapies in the world, and can have a positive effect on both the body and mind. Studies have suggested that some of the benefits of massage may include:

Reduced anxiety
Easing digestive issues
Fewer headaches
Pain management
Faster healing from sports injuries
Deeper and better quality sleep
The most popular types of Full Body Massage
Most people choose a Swedish Massage for their first treatment, as it uses a good balance of gentle and firm pressure, so has something for everyone.

If you know that you prefer something a little more intense, a Deep Tissue Massage might just do the trick. This type of massage is ideal for releasing very tight muscles in the shoulders, buttocks and quads, which may relieve pain and restore your posture.

If you’re following an intense exercise or sports training program, a Sports Massage can help to guard your musculoskeletal system against strain or injury. It’s can also be a good accompaniment to physical therapy if you’re treating an existing injury, as it may assist in reducing swelling and clearing toxins from the area.

What to expect from a Full Body Massage
Regardless of the specific type of massage, your treatment will should begin with a brief discussion about your needs during the session. Even once the massage has begun, you must always feel that you can communicate with your therapist.

You will then be left alone to undress, either entirely or down to your underwear, and lie face down on the table covered by a towel. Your therapist will move the towels around your body as they work, for your comfort.

It’s likely that your therapist will use some oil to apply different types of strokes to your body, concentrating in various areas. They will usually start on the back and neck, and work their way down to your legs and feet. Although certain treatments may cause some discomfort when they hit a particularly sore spot, you should never feel extreme pain. Always say something if this is the case.

Following the appointment, you will be left alone to get dressed. If you can, use the rest of the day to relax and rewind, and drink plenty of water. Your muscles will have eliminated toxins in the form of lactic acid, which your body will be working hard to flush.

If you feel any soreness the next day, try taking a warm bath. Remember that the effects of massage are cumulative, so you should probably try another one soon!

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