Can massage help ease jetlag?

Figure out just how massage can help. As exciting as long-haul holidays can be, they have one significant downside — jetlag. Individuals are affected in various ways, but it’s almost always more than an easy spot of tiredness. Jet-lag interrupts the body in a significant scale. It is leading to fatigue and digestive upsets, memory lapses, nausea, sleeplessness, swelling, irritability and lethargy…known under the umbrella term, ‘time zone change syndrome’. Recent studies, however, have shown that massaging with an essential oil like lavender can help stimulate circulation and standard well-being, putting a spring back in your step if jet-lag has obtained you really suffering. Massage therapist Tina says a good massage works because it allows your inner body clock to adjust to the time period naturally. All too often, we resort to chugging down shots of caffeine to stay alert or medication to help us nod off, neither of which can be anything more than short-term alternatives, and only prolong the barbarous jetlag cycle for days on end. ‘All kinds of massage work well to help relieve the symptoms of jet-lag, especially Swedishand acupuncture, paying particular attention to areas as calves and legs, shoulder back and neck,’ explains Tina. ‘I would also imply for this finishing touch laughing in an Indian Head massage. Not only is it good for combatting the physical effects of jetlag, it works wonders for your brain — as mentally, we can feel very fuzzy after a flight!’ Remember, if attempting to get out the door to get a massage seems like too much hassle, together with OREASE you can call for a house massage. Or, if you’re super organised, reserve before you set off for a therapist to come to your home and perform their magic daily after you return from vacation!  

How massage can boost energy?

Most of us know massage is relaxing, but it might offer the best energy increase, too. Here is how… Stressed? These energy zappers imply we drift throughout the day, but there’s a solution. ‘Massage is excellent for relieving stress held in the human body and in addition, it will help clear the brain, leaving you worry free and emotionally flashed,’ states Namfon, professional massage therapist. ‘Energizing oils like bergamot, lemongrass and lavender may be employed to trigger the body and mind, acting as an extra pick-me-up.’ Research has indicated that massage assists blood circulation, and thus delivering oxygen to all of the body’s cells, which we desire for energy. Among the lymphatic system’s main roles is to combat disease, within their immune system. So once you feel nervous and stressed out, you are more inclined to come up with a cold or other illness, and feel lethargic. ‘Through using massage and pressure through particular points and stations, it may boost your lymph system, which means that your body can detoxify itself efficiently. This assists your blood flow better, eliminating this lethargic exhausted feeling. For days following the massage, you will still feel fresh and lively,’ say Namfon. Sleep assist Not only does this leave you feeling stressed and not able to focus, but also a lack of sleep  contributes to elevated amounts of this energy-zapping stress hormone cortisol. But, massage was seen in research to reduce levels of cortisol and raise levels of this chemical dopamine, which produces melatonin, helping promote a restful sleep. ‘With the ease of a therapist coming back into your house, you do not need to go anywhere later, in order to feel completely relaxed,’ say Namfon. Workout Development Flagging throughout your workout session? Massage can help you. In a research, individuals who exercised for 70 minutes and then … Read more

Chronic fatique syndrome and how massage can help.

There is tiredness, then there is the utter fatigue that characterises chronic exhaustion. But were you aware that massage might help? Chronic fatigue syndrome (also called CFS or ME) affects roughly 500,000 people in the Thailand. It causes persistent fatigue that isn’t relieved by sleep and may definitely affect daily life. The severity can vary from having the ability to care and work on your own but needing intermittent days off work, to suffering from decreased freedom and having trouble concentrating. It typically develops in people in their early 20s into mid-40s — although teens may also be impacted. The great news? Massage helps alleviate some of those symptoms, based on Preaw, a massage therapist and Thai Alternative Medicine practitioner using OREASE Service. She has treated many customers with extreme fatigue and chronic conditions like MS and chamomile, also states massage can stimulate dopamine and endorphins to help improve energy and mood. She adds that a massage using a heating oil like ginger or clove can boost flow, which can be great for those that experience tingling or numbness in their own limbs. Massage may also relieve sluggishness. “Chronic fatigue syndrome may cause individuals additional sensitive, so both mentally and physically, so it is important to get a therapist that will get to understand you and be polite to your requirements,” Preaw says. Manual lymphatic drainage may also be great for those who have swollen limbs that may be another symptom of CFS. “The important issue is to discover a therapist you trust and can speak, and take the time to work out what is ideal for you,” Preaw  adds.

What you should do after a massage

Taking the ideal steps following a massage will assist your recovery follow our minute-by-minute strategy to get the absolute most from your own experience. 1 minute later… Drink water Your muscles can get dehydrated during a massage, just like if you work out, so rehydrating straight afterwards is vital. ‘Additionally, it helps eliminate waste substances and unwanted toxins which were stored and discharged in the muscles from the massage, ”’ states Devjit Basu, a massage practitioner using Urban Massage. 10 minutes following… Stretch You should not exercise without extending later, and together with your own muscles getting a workout exactly the exact same practice applies. ‘Following a deep tissue massage, then icing the tender regions might help reduce any soreness’ ‘Massage stimulates your flow and your digestive tract so that you could feel hungry after the massage, ”’ states Devjit. ‘A little snack, like a rice cake along with a few nuts, supplies an instantaneous energy boost.’ This will stop you feeling pressure as you rested throughout your session. 30 minutes following… Have a tub ‘The hot water can help open your blood vessels and increase circulation, relieving stiffness and aches,’ states Devjit. ‘Adding some Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) will help draw out toxins within the body, fostering health.’ 1 hour later… Rest Try to keep your journal clear following a massage so that you may leave time for rest or a rest. ‘Massage isn’t only a physical process, but a psychological one, also,’ states Devjit. ‘It can help to overeat and unwind you, and thus don’t undo the job on your session by hurrying around later — just take a break and allow your body to rebalance itself and retune.’

4 Ways Massage Can Reduce Your Neck Pain

Massage therapy is a proven way to improve various kinds of neck and shoulder pain, and is frequently one of the initial treatments people think of when they experience severe neck pain. They’re smart to seek out massage since massage actually can get rid of neck pain. In fact, almost 1 in every 5 sessions of massage in the US are booked so as to solve neck-pain symptoms. Listed below are a few ways that massage can help your particular assortment of neck pain. If you are reserving a massage to alleviate neck pain on your OREASE massage program, please make certain that you indicate that you are looking for a massage to deal with neck issues. You may select either a Swedish massage or deep tissue massage in this case. 1. Frozen massage and neck Therapy While a stiff neck may be nuisance, it usually is not a cause for panic. If the stiffness gets more extreme, but it may lead to a feeling of the neck being “frozen” in place, restricting motion and considerably affecting your wellbeing. Massage is proven to improve both neck mobility and reduce neck pain. 2. Massage for pinched nerves in the throat Pinched nerves are typically brought on by pressure placed on the guts by joints, muscles, or other structures. Muscle strain and inflammation may be the source of the pressure. Nerve impingement in either the brachial plexus — located in the shoulder or disk herniation in the cervical spine can both result in nerve pain in both the neck and shoulder. Massage therapy can be a great choice for relieving that inflammation, and thus reducing nerve pain and stress 3. Heal for pinched nerve in the shoulder Various studies have shown that massage has a positive effect in reducing chronic shoulder pain. … Read more

The wonders of Massage Benefits

Surely, you’ve experienced that feeling of comfort and wellbeing which sets in after a massage. Have you ever thought about the benefits of appreciating massage on a more routine basis? Massage is great manner of preventative care on a consistent basis. In fact, in most cultures it’s performed every day. Increased Creation of ‘Happy Hormones’ Massage promotes levels of the hormones serotonin and oxytocin, and combats the production of the stress hormone cortisol. Serotonin sends your entire body a calming message and oxytocin causes you to feel much better overall. Massage helps to regulate these hormones levels, allowing you to destress and reach a place of relaxation. Reduce Chronic Pain Chronic pain may come from sitting at a desk all day, having bad posture, or from an accident. Since massage helps increase blood circulation throughout the entire body, it reduces pain and inflammation. Massage also helps move toxins from the muscles, which promotes recovery from generalized muscle strain or injury. Improve flexibility Massage therapy is a fantastic way to keep and improve flexibility in addition to range of motion. During a sports massage, then your certified massage therapist should take extra care extending out you and manipulating your limbs to initiate motion on your joints. Getting massage on a regular basis will keep your joints in good health and your muscles agile. Enriched Sleep Quality Pressure applied during a massage activates the introduction of cortisol, the hormone your body releases to get quality sleep. If you suffer from sleeplessness, get a OREASE massage before bed. When the massage is finished you can get into bed and drift right to sleep. Chronic Headache Relief Massage can be an efficient way to ease pain associated with chronic migraines or headaches the natural way. Headaches are often caused by stress, depleted energy, or … Read more