Creative Company Retreat Ideas to Boost Employee Wellness

Company retreats are out-of-office group adventures meant to foster teamwork, camaraderie, along with a renewed sense of purpose. While they generally feature workshops, brainstorming, and planning, company retreats also often include non-work pursuits. When planning a company retreat, make sure to include actions that boost both bodily and psychological wellness. Get peace of mind with group meditation Meditation is a inherently personal encounter, as you quiet the mind to locate calm from within. The inner peace fostered by a fantastic meditation session is amplified when you learn to meditate alongside your coworkers. Group meditation enhances spiritual development and is a excellent way to contact teammates. Introduce meditation to a team at a retreat centre with a mediation training, or work with a specialist to lead your group in guided meditation. You can even opt for a DIY meditation program, such as Headspace. Practice yoga together as a team Nothing attracts a team together like cat-cow presents. Yoga in a business retreat brings your whole staff to their mats to work on health side by side. Go for an instructor accustomed to working with individuals with varying degrees of yoga ability so every single office yogi can proceed at their own pace. Giving employees the opportunity to concentrate on both physical and mental health in tandem and as a staff is a great supportive way to concentrate on health. Ease tension and enhance energy with seat massage Chair massage focuses on all sorts of health by benefiting the physical, mental, and psychological facets of employee health. Massage therapists work on the throat, back, and arms to decrease pain and tension that’s built up in the muscles in long desk hours along with the usual stress of office life. In addition to physical benefits like increased circulation and lower blood pressure, seat … Read more

The Way to Make a Positive Culture in Your Business

Employee Appreciation Day is an yearly holiday which induces companies across the property to do things to demonstrate they value their workers. Obviously, this is a great idea — each office should observe Employee Appreciation Day. However, what’s an even better idea is to be sure worker appreciation does not only last one day of this year. Should you appreciate your partner one day of the year? Rhetorical question.) It behooves all companies to create a positive culture of appreciation in the workplace — which may have wonderful effects on the workplace all through the year. How do you create a culture of admiration in your company? Listen to employees about what perks they need There’s frequently a mismatch between what employers offer and what workers actually want. An anonymous employee survey is a fast way to spend the pulse of the provider. Take employee schedules into account Many workers would really like to celebrate with their coworkers — but may have after-work commitments and/or weekend commitments that cause them to overlook day trips into the bowling alley or weekend retreats. Make certain all your employees are taken into account when planning events. Including your remote employees — be sure they are involved in business activities too. Build trust with employees to build a positive culture Trust and transparency aren’t just business problems — they are health problems as well. A lack of trust increases strain and reduces collaboration. According to one study, only 19 percent of millennials say that the majority of people could be trusted. To build trust with your employees, you have to build a good relationship. Make sure they know the reasons for actions the business takes. Involve employees in decisions that directly affect them. Show that you are paying attention to their achievements, and directly … Read more

Four Strategies to Make the Case for Chair Massage in the Workplace

Desire massage in the workplace? Most importantly, yes — but you are going to need to convince your supervisor or HR Supervisor. Here are some methods you could present your case for chair massage in the workplace to the Powers That Be. Chair massage is far from a fringe benefit — it is an integral component of corporate health, and helps build a wholesome work culture. So how do you create the case for OREASE chair massage at your office? Try out these four factors, and soon that massage seat (and OREASE Massage Therapist) will make a triumphant appearance at your office. Chair massage is healthy Massage is one of those infrequent remedies that feels good and is good for you. A short chair massage in the workplace can boost immunity and ease the aches and pains that have sitting all day long. Chair massage is cost-efficient A seat massage using OREASE is affordable — plus, our OREASE Massage Therapists are seasoned, vetted and licensed. They bring the massage chair or, if you want, a massage table for clothed table massage. It’s time-efficient too; you can experience the benefits of chair massage in just 10 to 15 minutes, versus obtaining a whole 60- to 90-minute table massage. Chair massage enhances productivity Massage pumps the levels of serotonin, the “happy hormone,” causing a feeling of well-being and reducing stress. Reduced pain and stress + improved morale = happier, healthier, more productive employees. Bosses often think of happy hours as a company reward and a fantastic team morale increase. While they can certainly be fun, they can also lead to unfortunate inter-company HR incidents in addition to late begins at work the next day (notice: productivity). With chair massages at the workplace, workers will simply be drunk on happiness and high on … Read more

The Art of the Open Office

The backlash against being crammed into receptive offices such as non-free range cows has begun, but it does not help those of us who work in offices that are open. Not only can spacious offices make it difficult to get into the zone, but sitting in one big open office space makes you sicker, since germs may easily gallivant through your office. While steadfastly ignoring which everyone can see you read Scandal recaps is useful, denial of fact can only go so far. Below are a few methods for introducing just a little peace into your open office workday existence. Noise-cancelling Headset The golden standard in surviving the open workplace, headphones are the equivalent of a closed door at the office. Take a walk There is not any law that says you need to have all of your lunches and meetings at the workplace. Schedule a walking assembly — not only are you going to get a little exercise and fresh air, the change of place (and lack of skill to stare in your computer) will perk you up. Massage Sometimes you do not have enough time to leave your office — but that doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on some office rejuvenation. Schedule a short in-office massage — even 10 minutes of massage can decrease anxiety and back pain and clean your mind. A chair massage is very good for maintaining work productivity. Meditation Find your center. Meditation is a superb way to find your focus and lower stress levels. If you’re uncertain how to start saying Om effectively, check out a few of the many programs created to make mindfulness easy — Headspace is a great ( and free) meditation app.