What is the benefits of regular massage

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Benefits of a regular massage can include improved sleep, increased energy and improved concentration, as well as the physical benefits of relieving aches and pains.

1. Helps to decrease stress

The number one advantage of massage. Many massage customers report that massage helps them deal with stress and feel more focused. A 2005 research discovered that women with breast cancer who received massage therapy three times per week found they were less depressed and upset, whereas a 2010 study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found massage boosted patients’ white blood cell counts, raising the amount of circulating lymphocytes — which then can boost immunity. Massage was also found to reduce depression and anxiety in a 2004 meta-analysis of 37 research discovered that massage reduced anxiety and depression.

2. Encourages positive hormone production

Massage may help to release endorphins (the body’s own “feelgood hormone”). These are amino acids which function as human body’s natural painkiller.

By helping to decrease anxiety, massage can assist in preventing the overproduction of certain hormones like adrenaline, that’s the “flight or fight” hormone. This causes your muscles tense as your own body can’t tell the difference between a dangerous grizzly bear and an annoying boss. Muscular conditions that are existing can aggravate or cause pain alone. Becoming stressed also releases cortisol, which may suppress the immune system, decrease libido and even contribute to obesity.

3. Reduce ache and pain

Regular massage can also help with back pain for needing to take the time off work. At a Group Health Research Institute study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine at 2006, one in 3 patients receiving a weekly massage for 10 weeks found it enhanced their back pain, compared to just one in 25 who continued with their usual care.

4. Improves energy levels

Massage helps stimulate blood flow. This in turn increases vitality, heightening efficacy of organ function, especially regarding the removal of toxins. According to a small study completed in 1996 by the Touch Research Institute, it can make you feel more alert.

5. Massages feel good!

There is the simple fact that massage feels good and allows you to take time out for yourself without distractions of work and technology.

A specialist opinion

“Getting into a routine of having regular massages provides huge benefits. Your system remembers what you are doing for this. If you take action in a dysfunctional manner — which is something as straightforward as sitting for eight hours straight as we do in offices — you need to reverse that damage.”

“Having a regular massage will help reset your bodily systems — not only your muscles but also help regulate your hormones and your mood — normally make you feel much better.”

Should I get a massage?

Geoffrey considers that all well-being rituals must be carried out. “If I was king, everyone would have a massage every second day. But I realise that that is not possible for most people.”

“Having a massage every week is really great, but in the event that you can’t afford that, you can try alternating a fortnightly massage using a yoga session or comparable in another weeks — or whatever you find fits in best with your lifestyle as well as helping you to relax.”

“There are many advantages of massage — improved sleep, reduced stress, greater energy and flow. If you can make it a normal thing, you are certain to observe the difference”

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