The Art of the Open Office

The backlash against being crammed into receptive offices such as non-free range cows has begun, but it does not help those of us who work in offices that are open. Not only can spacious offices make it difficult to get into the zone, but sitting in one big open office space makes you sicker, since germs may easily gallivant through your office. While steadfastly ignoring which everyone can see you read Scandal recaps is useful, denial of fact can only go so far. Below are a few methods for introducing just a little peace into your open office workday existence. Noise-cancelling Headset The golden standard in surviving the open workplace, headphones are the equivalent of a closed door at the office. Take a walk There is not any law that says you need to have all of your lunches and meetings at the workplace. Schedule a walking assembly — not only are you going to get a little exercise and fresh air, the change of place (and lack of skill to stare in your computer) will perk you up. Massage Sometimes you do not have enough time to leave your office — but that doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on some office rejuvenation. Schedule a short in-office massage — even 10 minutes of massage can decrease anxiety and back pain and clean your mind. A chair massage is very good for maintaining work productivity. Meditation Find your center. Meditation is a superb way to find your focus and lower stress levels. If you’re uncertain how to start saying Om effectively, check out a few of the many programs created to make mindfulness easy — Headspace is a great ( and free) meditation app.