7 massage techniques that helps

Discover how a few of the massage fashions offered by OREASE massage service can enable you to unwind and feel better.

‘There are several distinct types of massages, and their benefits differ according to the kind you decide on,’ says massage therapist Preaw. ‘You might think you understand which type of massage you want when you book, but it is well worth getting a talk with your therapist first about what you are hoping to get from it. He or she will have the ability to advise on the best kind for you.’

Massage type: Swedish

Touch style: Kneading moves. ‘This massage can be as heavy or as mild as you like,’ says Preaw. ‘It’s all about extending muscles, however, the intensity could be modified to suit.’

Good for: Relaxation and individuals who suffer with anxiety or anxiety.

Massage type: Deep tissue

Touch mode: Very extreme, often using forearms, knuckles and elbows to get deeper into the muscles.

Good for: People who do a lot of sports, but also people who sit in a desk all day.

Massage type: maternity

Touch kind: Varies but frequently quite gentle. It’s completed while you are lying or seated in your side, rather than before 12 months of pregnancy.

Great for: The massage can be accommodated according to the client’s requirements, but it may help with lower back pain and water retention.

Massage type: Sports

Touch kind: ‘It can vary but there’s always quite a great deal of movement — moving up limbs and down to stretch out muscles and to get oxygen flowing where it is needed most,’ says Preaw.

Great for: People who do regular sport — it helps prevent cramps.

Massage kind: Anti-cellulite

Touch kind: Kneading of problem areas — typically the thighs. Knuckles and twisting movements may also be used. A course of treatments is suggested.

Great for: Individuals with cellulite that can be tricky to tackle throughout exercise.

Massage kind: Thai

Twist type: The therapist will use their hands, feet, legs and knees to maneuver you into a sequence of yoga-like stretches. It also incorporates acupressure and may be carried out with acrylic, or fully-clothed on a floor mat.

Good for: Slimming stress, also raising energy and improving circulation and flexibility.

Massage kind: Reflexology

Touch type: Factors on the feet, and sometimes also head and hands, are massaged to stimulate other areas of the human body. The massage can vary in intensity according to the issues to be addressed.

Good for: Reflexology is good for all areas of the human body. ‘It usually entails a longer consultation compared to other forms to make sure the right areas are concentrated,’ says Preaw. It is fantastic for fertility difficulties, stress and anxiety.

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